Club Koding With DigiBit

We had an amazing time with DigiBit, the first wearable gaming system at our Club Koding in Madison Heights. You can see them again at our Wixom center on Friday, February 9th.

The kids at Club Koding had fun playing with future released toys and gadgets. Colt Correa, the founder of DigitBit, gave club members an opportunity to play with the world’s first wearable body action gaming system for a mobile device with VR (Virtual Reality) and non-VR app games. It works with Apple and Android devices.

It was really easy! First, you need to download one of their app including Funny Wings VR, Flappy Hands or Dash. DigiBit uses sensors that you put on your hands and feet so that you give movement to the characters in the game. If you are playing a VR game like Funny Wings, then attach the phone to the VR glasses. Make sure it fits comfortably before playing. Then play. More games are expected in the near future by DigiBit. However, since the code is open source, more developers can design new games for the device to create a marketplace for wearable games.

The kids and AccelerateKID® founder, Thanh, really enjoyed playing with DigiBit. If you missed them at Madison Heights, you can see them again at the Wixom center on February 9th at 6 PM. They will be demonstrating their awesome VR gadgets and games again at the Club Koding. Don’t miss it!