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Award-winning STEAM.org™ Accredited Curriculum.

New classes begin every quarter: January, April, July and October


  • Programming and debugging skills

  • Designing and developing programs

  • App designing

  • Program development

Kids will learn about computer science and programming. It’s essential for kids to learn to code like math and reading. We have programming camps for Scratch Visual Programming, JavaScript, Python, and Java app development.

An introduction for students to computer programming using M.I.T.’s ScratchJr App visual programming language. Students will create animations and customize popular video games such as Cat-n-Mouse to understand the logic behind programming.

  • Event-based system
  • Storytelling
  • Animation
  • Game Design”

Using M.I.T. Scratch visual programming language teaches students to understand the basic concepts of programming and debugging skills. Students will design storyboards, develop simple to advanced games like the Maze and Pac-Man to heighten their programming skills with logic operators, loops, variables and more.

  • Intermediate programming concepts
  • Debugging
  • Storyboarding
  • Presentation skills”

Essential JavaScript programming language using the Bitsbox. Students will develop an understanding of typed code, including syntax, arrays, functions, and other basics of programming. Design and develop programs that can be run on computers or tablet devices.

  • JavaScript programming language
  • Python fundamentals
  • Java fundamentals
  • Design personal customize game”

Using Python programming language using loops and data types, and work more efficiently with programming syntax resulting in developing longer programs.

  • Pygames video development
  • Text-based adventures & randomizers
  • Create User Interfaces
  • Design personal customize game”

Using Java programming language to design app and develop ideas in the Android, Android SDK, Android Studio, and Eclipse environment. Students will complete group exercises and individual projects to develop apps.

  • App development
  • Efficient and effective coding methodology
  • Launch app on Google Play
  • Design personal customize game”


  • Programming and debugging skills

  • LEGO EV3

  • Robotics Team

  • Engineering

Kids will learn about hardware technology and computer programming. We have robotics classes and camps for all ages including Blockly, LEGO EV3, computer building, and our new cybersecurity course. 

The Robotics 101 class is a great introduction to robotics and programming using Wonder Workshop’s Dash robots for kids grades K-2. Students will build, program and play to get good understanding of how robotics work. The goal is let kids be creative, learn to troubleshoot and discover how robots can be fun.

  • Use tablets (iPad or Android) with Blockly, Go and Path apps
  • Learn to program the Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot
  • Complete challenging exercises and projects
  • Develop an understanding of block programming language
  • Understand loops, condition commands, and programming functions
  • Design personal program for the final project”

The Robotics 201 class is for kids grades 3-8 to be introduced to robotics and computer programming using the LEGO Mindstorms robots and the EV3 programming software. Students will learn the functions and mechanics of the LEGO robots including sensors, switches, blocks and more.

  • Learn the LEGO EV3 programming with Mindstorms robots
  • Understand how programming robots can be fun with engineering, technology and math
  • Students will develop programs from past Robofest and FLL challenges
  • Understand how blocks, sensors, switches and many other features for programming
  • Understand how to build and program robots for the Roomba, Candy Cleanup and Sumo Challenges
  • Develop the skills to design, debug and present their robotic projects
  • Design a personal program for the final project”

The Robotics 301 is our AccelerateKID Robotic Team for kids grades 5-8 to participate and compete in the FLL (First LEGO League) and Robofest competitions. The students will be coached and mentor by experienced instructors to build, program, problem solve and collaborate as a team.

  • Students must complete Robotics 201 or have LEGO EV3 experience
  • Tournaments include the FLL (First LEGO League) in the fall and Robofest in the spring
  • AccelerateKID® will provide the robotics kit, resources, team t-shirts and registration fees
  • The team will be responsible for understanding the tasks and missions of the challenges to make sure to meet deadlines
  • The coach will guide and help the students to manage their time and missions
  • Students will learn about teamwork, troubleshooting, presentation, creative design and critical thinking”

The Robotics 401 class is for kids grades 5-8 to build and program advanced Vex robots using C programming language to perform several challenges including the Parade and Delivery projects. Students will work in teams, develop problem-solving skills, understand engineering and programming knowledge and more.

  • Students must complete Robotics 201 or have robotics and programming experience
  • AccelerateKID® will provide the VEX IQ robotics kit for building and programming
  • Students will work in groups or individually to complete tasks and projects
  • Learn the text-based C-programming language to run robots autonomously
  • Learn about technology, engineering and robots in each project
  • Understand how motors, levers, pulleys, sensors and more work in robotics
  • Design a personal program for final project”

The Robotics 401 is for kids grades 6-8 to learn to build Robolink’s CoDrone and code using Arduino and C/C++ programming language. The CoDrone is the first. Students will learn the basics of variables, control statements, automation, advanced feedback control and how to write their own programming libraries.

  • Students must complete Robotics 401 and have C-programming language experience
  • AccelerateKID® will provide the Robolink CoDronePro and Audrino kit
  • Students will work in groups or individually to complete tasks and projects
  • Learn the C/C++ programming language to program and design their drones
  • Learn about drones, engineering, programming and Andrino
  • Understand how the remote, hardware and software works
  • Design a personal program for the final project”


  • 3D Printing

  • Website Design

  • Film And Editing

  • 2D Animation

Teaching kids about creative design and digital art technology. We have 3D printing, YouTube video production, entrepreneurship, web design, stop-motion animation and graphic design classes, camps or clubs for kids.

Web Design 301 Wix is for students grades 6-8 and seeks to develop the next generation of kid entrepreneurs by providing students the knowledge and tools to create a business website. This course will help students plan, validate, and implement their ideas. Students will develop a business model using the Lean Canvas and then use the Wix platform to design and build a website for that business.

  • Web Design using Wix platform
  • Professional Idea and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Business Model Development

Animation 301 is for students grades 6-8 to learn and implement the basics of 2D animation techniques. Each student will learn the techniques necessary to manage a large project with many pieces, as well as the artistic and cinematic techniques used by professionals in the field. Students will learn about the Lean Canvas Business Model and how to apply it to their creations!

  • 2D Animation using Stykz program
  • Design, Planning, and Cinematic Techniques
  • Business Model Development

Video 301 is for students grades 6-8 to learn how to film and edit different types of video and design professional looking channels using Microsoft MovieMaker, Apple iMovie, and/or Open Broadcast Software. Students will learn different methods to record their ideas into videos, edit intro videos, render professional looking videos and much more.

  • Filming and Editing for the Youtube Platform
  • Cinematic and Technological Techniques
  • Business Model Development

3D Printing is an emerging technology that teaches students grades 6-8 to design 3D models using Autodesk TinkerCAD and to 3D print using MakerBot Desktop software. The class encourages students to use creativity in troubleshooting, engineering, and product design. This is a great course to introduce children to 3D printing, and the basic fundamentals of design within a 3D environment.

  • Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.)
  • Creative Problem Solving and Engineering
  • Business Model Development


  • Minecraft

  • Minecraft Java

  • Lua Scripting Language

  • Roblox Studio

Teaching kids about game design and coding using fun games like Minecraft and Roblox. It doesn’t matter if your child is a novice or expert at gaming, we have tech classes, camps and club meetup for all ages.

Using the Minecraft Pocket Edition students grades K-2 will understand PE functions and tools, develop designs, learn to build in creative and survival modes, problem solve issues, work in teams or individually, and present their creations.

  • Build building & Towns
  • Expand Houses
  • Create Zoo
  • Mining and Block
  • Redstone and Coding

Gamers grades 5-8 will master the Minecraft Server using the sandbox. The class will allow students to implement the technology by implementing a server, understanding port forward and creating game arenas.

  • House Building Techniques
  • Town expansion: roads, lights, service building
  • Design Landmark
  • Amusement Park
  • Create Role in Community
  • Crafting Patterns”

Programming with Java language students will design and build mods with M creator. Minecraft modding is the most popular feature to modify and add custom items to their games.

  • Server Connection
  • Layout and WorlEdit
  • Mini Games
  • Scavenger Hunt game
  • Labyrinth Game
  • Player vs Player Game

Students grades 5-8 will learn to develop 3D space using the Roblox Studio editor and Lua Scripting language. Gamers design their own games with objects, and items using computer programming.

  • Introduction to Python
  • Functions
  • Racing Game
  • Capture The Flag Game
  • Problem-solving
  • Debugging skills

Students grades 5-8 develop 3D game animation and video games skills using the Unity Game Engine. Unity is utilized by companies such as Cartoon Network Studios. The class will apply creativity and programming skills to create 2D and 3D games and animation.

  • C# (C-sharp) programming language
  • Functions
  • MC Java program
  • Problem-solving
  • 2D and 3D games
  • Animation”


We tailor every lesson plan to each child’s individual needs; focusing on obtainable goals while also introducing new challenges to encourage kids to positively step outside of their comfort zone. Contact us if you need any help finding the right course for your child.


Our proven curriculum encourages kids to think outside the box through the wonderment of technology. Classes introduce entrepreneurship skills including confidence in presentation, task management, story-boarding/conceptualizing, organization, and in select courses business model development (with our AccelerateKID lean canvas). Our instructors provide mentorship as experienced professionals in the tech industry.


Every 3 months, we assess each student with an individualized evaluation to identify his or hers strengths and any areas needing more attention to ensure each student fulfills their highest potential and achieves a long-term advantage in a competitive world.


AccelerateKID offers lab days in the event of a student absence. Lab days offer a day of catch up for those who missed a session or are falling behind and introduce new challenges to kids who are on track or ahead of the class. Ensuring all kids are able to reach their fullest potential is our highest priority.


Classes are available year-round. New classes are made available each month and schedules can be reviewed prior to registration. Each course runs 4-9 months and meets one day per week for 1-1.5 hours. Payments are made in monthly tuition installments with no commitment; you can cancel at any time.


At the beginning of each class, we review previous instruction and homework for 15 minutes, ensuring all students are caught up. This is continued by 60 minutes of instruction. We conclude each class with 15 minutes of review, homework assignment and student work backup. All students retain rights to any and all work they have completed throughout the class.

Please note that our class offerings vary per location (Wixom and Madison Heights). If the class you’re looking for is not yet available, you can request it here or subscribe to our newsletter and we will update you when new classes become available.